Indian Summer and Owls


I am loving this Indian Summer, and so are the owls!  Yesterday afternoon was so hot and sunny it felt like June all over again.  I took Peanut and Whisper to my field which is just a few miles from home.  There is still so much to do on the site, but I have a camping stove and kettle in my shed so at least I can make a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy a moment of peace while the owls do the same.

BB and Peanut enjoying the sun

BB and Peanut enjoying the sun

These two owls look so alike and it is great having the largest – Bubo Bubo -and one of the smallest – Athene cunicularia – owls together [Peanut is in the distance on the other log!].  Of course Peanut doesn’t have those amazing ear tufts that BB does.  These ear tufts can show BB’s mood, when they are upright he is happy and curious. However if they are laid back flat he is telling me he really is not very happy at all [a bit like a dog] – fortunately he looks happy most of the time which is good!

Victor stayed in his aviary yesterday, he was soaking up the sun on his branch so I thought I would let him just relax.  I took this 30 second video of him

– the only way you can tell it is a video is by the feather caught on the wood panel behind him moving in the light breeze, oh, and Victor blinks….other than that it could be a photo!! Definitely going to use him for still life studies!

The past week has been very busy with a digger guy putting the septic tank onion in and trenching for the soak away.  I have learnt so much and shoveled a couple of ton of pea gravel too, if I ever have to put in another septic tank I have a good idea of how to do this now!  The space will be good for parking when the membrane and aggregate goes down so my brother can reclaim his yard for his daughters to play in.

Septic tank buried

Septic tank buried

Soak away

Soak away

The old goat shed

The old goat shed

The old goat shed – we used to have Toggenburg goats – is being transformed into a loo and shower block for the lovely guys who live at the farm and help me by feeding BB and Victor when I am not there.  I spent most of the summer removing the 20 years of stuff and now it is ready to be rebuilt with the old blocks filling the soak away up nicely.

Eventually there will be two loos and a shower so friends can camp and join me fly the owls 🙂

So still loads to do, never a dull moment and owls to fly every day – I love my life!!

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