Whisper, my beautiful Barn Owl

Whisper's first photo

Whisper’s first photo

I never knew how bizarre looking young Barn Owls were until this 19 day owlet arrived in June.  She had massive feet, an almost bald head and screeched the entire time she was awake – anyone who knows how much a young seagull can keep up their high pitched call will appreciate how annoying this can get.  Whisper seemed to be an ironic name for her at this point.  She weighed just over 5 ounces and had already cast her first pellet so we fed her on cut up chicks – but no head or feet!

Whisper quickly put on weight and by the beginning of July had reached the dandelion or puff ball stage – still just as loud and still really hungry, weighing over 12 ounces by the time she was 8 weeks old.

Whisper 4 weeks old

Whisper 4 weeks old 

Wings appearing

Wings appearing

The transformation into her Barn Owl true feathers gradually happened over the next couple of weeks and she loved exploring, hopping around the kitchen and pouncing on the dog’s bed.  As the owlets would try to pounce on Blue we had to make sure he was out of the way when they were free to roam – he is quite a happy dog.



She got her balance pouncing and playing around, always near by. Always keen to feed and follows my hand eagerly for food so I can’t wait for her to grow her flight feathers and be brave enough to fly to me!

Whisper helping

Whisper helping 

Whisper helping dry

Whisper helping dry

Whisper's new home

Whisper’s new home

She is now 15 weeks old and lives in her aviary.  I fly her every day and she is learning really quickly, but I do miss having her play in the kitchen!  Really funny when she jumped in Blue’s food bowl!! watch this! 


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