Beautiful Whisper will be 6years old this month 🙂 2021 – A very windy day in the Owl Field!

BB sitting on a glove!

BB sitting on a glove!


Saluki cross Blue

4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Good to meet you today. I have just shown my granddaughter the photographs, and she was fascinated. I expect we’ll meet again not many moons hence! Good luck with all your ventures, Toops and Bob

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    1. It was lovely to meet you both too! I hope to set some dates for owl activity sessions soon so please keep checking my blog – it would be good to meet again 🙂


  2. How’s the little baby barn owl doing? We have a few owls who visit our garden often…I think there are two of them because they have different hoots…one is too whit too whoo and the other screeches. When is your next appearance?

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    1. Whisper is grown up and is a beautiful Barn Owl now with a couple of photo shoots under her wing too now! you are very lucky to have owls in your garden, the too whit too whoo is a tawny owl and the screech will be a barn owl. we have wild owls here too, they seem to have come closer since my owls moved in! Look out for me in the New Year!


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