Hawk, Hawk, Redtail 


Chaya has grown into a confident hunter, and a wonderful companion on long walks, however she can be moody with people as is typical of any female Harris.

So I thought it was time to see if anyone was selling a nice and friendly male Harris hawk in the south west, I was determined to just keep an eye on the market for a few months and take my time.

Then I saw this lovely boy looking for a new home and couldn’t resist!

He is so gentle and well mannered, and tiny compared to Chaya;  and today, only 12 days after I collected him, he happily flew free to my glove in my field!  😃

He is amazing and I have been grinning every day since we bought him home on Easter Monday…….but there was also a Redtail Hawk for sale….so I had to buy her too!

Fortunately my husband Mike got totally besotted with her and built a beautiful aviary next to Chaya’s so we could collect her today 😊

And here she is – happy in the shed and so relaxed she even ate from Mike’s glove.  She is going to settle in beautifully, I am sure.

Two beautifully reared and manned birds make my team complete.  I am really looking forward to working with them this year.

See you soon !




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