The Day Mum Came For Tea


A warm still Saturday afternoon – perfect for a cup of tea and chat with my mum in my Bird Lady Field.  So I started up the Gator and, after running out of fuel half way up the field and her having to wait and enjoy the view while I fetched my reserve can, she was soon enjoying the view with a mug of tea in hand!  I must get a photo of her in the Gator next time!

My mum

I made sure I gave her a grand tour of the work in progress: starting with the car park area which was waist high in bramble last autumn and now has room for visitors- I am trying to think of a prettier name for it.


Carpark taking shape

The plants I put in with my daughter last autumn are coming in to flower and are becoming established, which means the whole area will look really lovely and be full of insects for the smaller birds too.

And what was a rather forgotten goat shed

is very close to becoming our new wash house with loo and shower facilities for owl visitors.  Lots of hard work by lots of people involved, and looking forward to our opening event on JULY 30TH. 4PM TO SUNSET. more details soon, I promise.

Top of the field the younger of the owls are happy in their semi-detached weathering when they visit the field.

Owl Semi.JPG

The owl shed is looking good and the gravel viewing area in front of the big aviaries is all edged with larch off-cuts from their build.

The sun has been shining most days, the Hawthorn is in full blossom and it is wonderful to be in the fields everyday.   It’s all very nearly ready to be open for events!

So here we go:  save the date: JULY 30TH. 4PM TO SUNDOWN. TICKET ONLY EVENT. More details soon.

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