Whisper the Barn Owl is growing up!


Whisper my beautiful Barn Owl will be 1 year old next month – just 2 years is the average age only 1 in 4 Barn Owls will reach in the wild, making her even more special.

My Barn Owl Whisper

Whisper has got a really lovely temperament and is so gentle to hold.  She has been very busy this year already, raising money for CHICKS at St Blazey Football Club Easter activity day [we have raised nearly £100 since Oct 2015 with Peanut helping too].

Whisper raising money for CHICKS

She also met the Gribbon Guide leaders and helpers with a fun owl fact based quiz – they are all wise owls now!

Gribbon Guides Wise Owls.JPG

Whisper has also begun her career as a Wedding Owl.  I was really pleased to be involved in the Cornish Artisan Wedding Fair in Newquay and the Atlantic Hotel last month where Whisper and I greeted everyone on their arrival and, later in the afternoon, Whisper stole the show in the Wedding Fashion Show!

Here is my video of her on the catwalk – she didn’t try to fly off [bate] or poop [mute] at all!! I was sooo proud!!!

Whisper needs her relaxation time and likes to sit on top of the weathering in my field – owls enjoy the lovely spring weather too 🙂 I really love this photo of her with the Blackthorn [or May Blossom] behind her…

Barn Owl on lookout

and when it gets too hot she shelters inside on top of her travel box

Barn Owl Whisper likes her travel box

Even when she is at home she is still keeping busy as she provides the pellets for science discovery sessions!

Pellet ID 3

Whisper’s next booking is on Sunday, 8th May at the Cornish Artisan Vintage art fair in Perranporth  – we are both looking forward to it!  https://www.facebook.com/events/471931509664845/permalink/476178052573524/








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