From Owl Pellets to Parties


Each and every day my owls produce a pellet.  They are made up of the indigestible parts of their food, like fur and bone, and expelled through the mouth.  I rarely find Peanut’s, they are small of course but he also has a horrible habit of eating them just in case he missed something the first time round! I am sure he is part Labrador!

Anyway, I used to throw them away; that was until I was contacted by a tutor at Cornwall College looking to buy some for her science class.  So after checking how to dry them correctly I carefully gathered a selection from the three larger owls and soon had the 8 she needed.  The photos show the students trying to identify what the owls had eaten, and seeing if they can tell which owl produced which one.

Pellet ID 5

Owl Pellet science

Pellet ID 3

Owl pellet discovery

Pellet ID 2

owl pellet science

and this week the students met the owls in a session in respect of World Wildlife Day 2016.  This was really interesting for the students as they were now meeting the owls they had followed on this Blog, and whose pellets they had dissected several weeks earlier.

This has been a busy week –  it started with a close up owl experience for very excited 11 year old’s birthday.  We visited his party – he and his friends looked pleased to meet Peanut!

Happy Birthday Owl Party Feb 2016.JPG

Later in the week we visited the lovely Friday Group in Penwithick

The ladies enjoyed meeting Victor and Peanut and made their own owls too!  I enjoyed lots of cups of tea and learnt that Little Owls are the only birds to lay truly round eggs!!!

I wonder what next week will bring!!…

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