Remember November – cos it flew by me!

birds, Owls

Wind, more wind and rain – that is what November has been in this part of Cornwall.  What with it getting dark at 4ish each afternoon and the stormy weather my days have been a mixture of inside working on the laptop trying to complete my falconry qualification, digging out my thermals and dodging the worst of the weather spending quality time with Victor and BB to build their confidences in being handled.

So I have been up to Exmouth and spent two days at the Hawkridge Bird of Prey Centre with the lovely Sharon and Richard.  The centre is closed for the winter [they still run courses and experience days] which meant that I could really get behind the scenes and learn loads.




The birds are all kept wonderfully clean, and they soon got me on the cleaning rota!





IMG_2751What was really good was that Sharon also has a couple of Eurasian Eagle Owls.  The male is now 7 years old, called Echo and he is very behaved.

It was a privilege to fly him – and he likes to watch the sheep just about as much as BB does!


Spending quality time with Victor and BB is beginning to pay off.  This past week they are both much more relaxed when they are sitting on the glove.  They appear to be getting used to the daily weigh in and being out of their aviaries while we clean and generally sort stuff out.  I couldn’t see Victor in his aviary last week – but he was there…hiding I reckon….check out the front right bottom corner!  IMG_2571

The ground is getting very muddy, mainly due to Wellington boots rather than the birds.  Anyway, to make it nicer for them I have wheelbarrowed about 6 bags of pea gravel up the field to lay on membrane under their perches.  IMG_2762

Hardwork – and very warming!  Luckily the lovely neighbouring farmer took the remaining 8 bags up for me in his tractor.  The floors look so much better, and will be easier to clean too.  [Hawkridge’s good influence!]


So I am back up to Exmouth tomorrow for another couple of days absorbing as much information as I can.  Thermals are packed and I am really looking forward to it.

Oh, and this afternoon Victor is let me take this closeup!



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