More about Peanut


Peanut is a Burrowing Owl or Athene Cunicularia if you want the full name.  They are one of the smallest of all the owls weighing approximately 5 ounces or the same as an I Phone when fully grown, and originate from America – both north and south.

These owls like to live underground in burrows dug out by prairie dogs and ground squirrels.  They have long legs – as you can see here!

Peanut showing off his long legs!

and white eyebrows – which can be seen in the very wet photo I posted on Monday!

I have just now posted a video of Peanut having his cool down water spray – it really is worth a look as he is very cute and didn’t want me to stop spraying him!  Watch it on YouTube by following this link you can hear the water being sprayed and me asking him if he has had enough, at which point he looks at the sprayer asking for more!  So cute!

After my last blog several people have asked what an egg tooth is. It is the small extra ‘tooth’ all birds have on their beaks to help them break out of their egg.  Not sure if you can quite see it on this photo…


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