Where do I start…


For as long as I can remember I have waited for the day when I can work with birds – or hawks and owls to be precise.

This is the year it is happening!  After over 12 years working for Cornwall Council in community adult education I have taken the plunge and decided it is time to go on my own – with my 4 owls and wonderful husband too, of course.

I am lucky enough to have use of some land on my family’s farm just outside of Fowey on the South Cornish coast – this with a whole truck load of creativity, long hours, hard work and patience will, I hope, result in a business offering that little bit more than the more usual ‘Owl Experience’.

This blog will follow my steps in pulling this all together.  Current parts of this project which need attention are:

Owl training – especially the two youngest [a Barn Owl and a Burrowing Owl which I will get to in a bit]

The venue – making it look welcoming and pretty with a flying circle, fire pit for feast nights and, of course, somewhere to serve cream teas!

Networking – who knows who I will meet and what direction this may go in!

Achieving the qualification in falconry – even with lots of experience I still believe that qualifications count [must be my background in education!]

So I intend to post lots of photographs – of the owls, of course, the land as it takes shape and keep you updated as how I am creating this new business of mine – I hope you will find this interesting.

For now, please meet Peanut, the Burrowing Owl [and yes, he is as cute as he looks!]



5 thoughts on “Where do I start…

  1. HI Sarah

    Just happened across this. Had no idea you dark horse! Happy to promote what you’re doing on Love Fowey, let us know what you’re up to

    Sinead x


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